About Spark Play

Play time for kids today is often heavily structured. Our children are increasingly exposed to screens, apps and other technology where their imaginations are stifled and rarely exercised.  As a result, parents often feel sidelined, completely removed from the play experience and may not even know where to start when kids ask “can you play with me?”

SparkPlay is an innovative educational play-based learning tool rooted in a more authentic, timeless sense of play.Children with Spark Play Box

It’s ideal for busy parents who search out toys with educational value or those looking for a more authentic way to connect with their kids. Grandparents, who often live in a different city, see SparkPlay Adventure Play Packs as an ideal gift for creating meaningful connections across miles and generations.

Each month subscribers receive a new themed SparkPlay Adventure Play Pack filled with a core offering of carefully selected “imagination igniters” along with a brief video clip of tips on that month’s play including how to create a great adventure experience with a child.

Combining input from educators, parents and the latest scientific research, SparkPlay’s  philosophy of “play with purpose” focuses on play-based learning techniques proven to build confidence, leadership, independent thought and high-level problem solving. While fostering deeper emotional bonds between parent and child,a side benefit of the SparkPlay experience sees parents revisiting a sense of play that often fosters memories of their own childhood.

So what is SparkPlay? Simply put, it is an opportunity to play with your child (with a bit of a tutorial for the grown up who has all grown up) in a way that is both super fun and and beneficial to your child’s development of key skills we believe are best taught through play with their parents and closest caregivers.

Who is Spark Play? Well, we’re a group of Moms and Dads, Kids and Friends, who like you, value family and fun…a group of ordinary people with cumulative extraordinary experience that we’ve  rolled into one passionate goal — to create SparkPlay!